Tron Evolution Portfolio

Since I was told that having a flash site as portfolio was a bad idea, so I decided to start moving my previous work to this Blog. Here is some work I did on Tron : Evolution as an environment artist, hope you guys enjoy it.
This was suppose to be in the DLC, it was tested and implemented into the game unfortunately due to some technical issues it was not able to make it in the patch, the tri count is intentionally to be high since it was a prototype.
Light Cycle and Character is made by Herbert Lowis

Modeled and designed this easter egg area for the Classic DLC map 
Modeled and texture the entire section of Stasis area

Designed and Layout this alley way in Tron City. All the platforms and railings are made by me, billboards is created by Chiyo Lai
Same alley way from a different angle

Designed ,modeled and textured the blockade
Blockade in game
One of my favorite piece in Tron, I got to design and model the Solar Sail Station 
The modular component that made up the Solar Sail Station
Designed and modeled the platform for Solar Sail Station

Note: Most of the Material or Shader work is done by Chiyo Lai


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